My first weightlifting meet

As I wrote earlier I was going to participate in the amateur competition in Olympic weightlifting at CrossFit Geraklion and today I wanna share with you my experience and impressions from this event.

There were 8 guys registered for the competition in weight class 77 kg (170 lbs) but only 4 appeared including me. All of them requested over 70 kg for Snatch and over 85 kg for Clean & Jerk as their initial weights which is way more the weights that I was going to lift in my best attempts. So I said: “Ok, whatever. I’m here to lift my weight no matter what.”

Accordingly to the roster there were 4 girls with initial weights about 35-40 kilos and the guy with 50 kg for his first attempt in Snatch. “That should give me about 13 minutes for the warm-up which is about 6 sets” I thought. And that was my biggest mistake. The warm-up section was on the 2nd floor and the platform on the 1st, so I fucked up 30 seconds of my attempt when this guy moved his first attempt to 60 kg and the judge called my name. I jumped up on the platform and somehow lifted my initial 52 kg in rush. My second attempt had to be on 57 kg so I received 2 minutes to take a breath and lifted it pretty solid. I was going to order 60 kg for my 3rd attempt in Snatch but my coach said “61” and I thought “Why not?” and ordered 61 kg. There were some guys with initial weight at 60 kg so I had about 4 minutes before my last attempt. Probably I calmed down too much for that time and that’s why I failed at 61 kg.

This lesson with a warm-up taught me to be ready for such “last calls” so I started my warm-up before the Clean & Jerk session a little bit earlier. The Clean & Jerk session gone very good for me and I successfully lifted the weights I wanted. Here are the links for the videos of this attempts:

At the end of the day I would say that I learned a lot from this event where I got 132 kg in total which isn’t bad for the very first weightlifting meet I believe. Also I wanna thank my gym buddy Sergey Sorokin for his support!

Nothing but weightlifting

One of my goals for this year is to participate in at least one Olympic Weightlifting meet. But I didn’t thought that it would be so soon.

CrossFit Geraklion will held amateur competition in Olympic Weightlifting this Saturday (January 25th) and I registered for participation in weight class 77 kg (170 lbs). CrossFit Geraklion Olympic Weightlifting Open This will be my very first Weightlifting meet so I don’t expect to win this event or even take a place on the podium. However, I have a pretty challenging goals:

  • 6 successful lifts
  • Snatch 60 kg (132 lbs)
  • Clean & Jerk 75 kg (165 lbs)

Also I decided to dedicate one full month starting from last Saturday for nothing but weightlifting. The major goal of this experiment is to check how/if improvements of my technique in Snatch, Clean, Jerk and other weightlifting movements can improve my performance in CrossFit WODs.

This’s kinda video version of my CY2013 Performance Review created by Statigram from the photos in my Instagram account. Hopefully, this will inspire you to make 2014 The Fittest Year.

3x Microsoft MVP

Those of you who following my blog from the beginning know that last year I published the blog post with similar title “2x Microsoft MVP”. And you will be absolutely right if you think that I received my 3rd Microsoft MVP award.

As previously I think about it as not just the reward for my contribution into the technical community during the last year but as a kick-off for another interesting things in this year. And believe me, I have some ideas ;)

CY2013 Performance Review

For those of you who don’t have experience of working on Microsoft “CY” states for “Calendar Year” and “Performance Review” is the process when you sit-down with your manager to check your results against the targets for the last year and set the goals for the next (this part is called “Commitment Settings”). And this is exactly what I wanna do with this blog post - to check if I’m really achieved my goals for CY2013 and set the new targets for CY2014. So let’s get started.

  • Read 30 books. As I promised you in my blog post a year ago, I created the post especially for tracking the books that I’ve read during the year. And accordingly to this list I read 25 books. That’s really close to the goal (over 70%) but… I failed here. In one of the next blog posts I’m going to review some of these books.
  • Run 500 km. Accordingly to my Strava profile I ran 250 km during that year. Only 50% of the target and the only reason for that is that I totally switched to CrossFit. And this is exactly the thing that I’m going to cover in this blog in this year.
  • Participate in at least one 5K race and complete it within 27 mins. Hell, yeah! I participated in 5K race at The Color Run with the time of 24:54 and in 10K race at Moscow Marathon with the time of 52:13.
  • Blog more often. Well, probably not as often as it could be, but I’m satisfied with the result.
  • Inspire more people to get fit. Yes, indeed! First of all I had a session about fitness and diet at V Ural Forum “Information Security of Banks” that is really uncommon for those types of conferences, you now. More than that I had three people which I consult on fitness and diet, especially after this “before & after” collage. Before and After

And another one thing that I’m really excited about from the last year is my third place (in Lightweight class) in 1K race in CrossFit Geraklion Concept2 Rowing Open 2013.

So now it’s time to set the goals for this year (CY1024). Here you are!

  • Pass IELTS test with not less that 7 points.
  • Follow strict Paleo and Zone diet. More about this in one of the following blog posts.
  • Improve my performance in CrossFit. First of all I want to increase my 1RM (states for “One repetition maximum”) in major lifts like Back Squat (340 lbs. / 155 kg, now 300 lbs. / 136 kg), Deadlift (410 lbs. / 185 kg, now 315 lbs. / 143 kg), Snatch (165 lbs. / 75 kg, now 135 lbs. / 60 kg) and Clean & Jerk (220 lbs. / 100 kg, now 165 lbs. / 75 kg) and improve my time/rounds in benchmark CrossFit WOD’s like Annie (9:56), Barbara (39:40), Cindy (15 rounds + 5 Pull-ups + 2 Push-ups), Jackie (10:58)… you name it.
  • Participate in at least one Olympic Weightlifting meet.
  • Complete a half marathon (21 097 meters).

First time I (in 321GO! t-shirt on the back) tried to complete Rich Froning Back Squat Challenge as prescribed with 135 lbs (60 kg) barbell :)

Impressions from Moscow Marathon

As far as you know I was registered for the 10K race at Moscow Marathon and after 48 hours I wanna share with you my impressions from this race.

The first one exciting thing is that we started with the marathon runners and ran with them side-by-side for the first 4.5K. You can find on the picture below some guys with yellow bottom of their numbers (marathoners) and some with the blue (10K runners). Somewhere in between of the start and finish lines And I thought then “Next time I’ll be one of them”.

Every time the rain begins is like a red rag for me. So when the rain started at the 6th km I said “F@#k ya, I won’t give up” and increased my average pace to 5:15 mins/km.

At the 8K checkpoint I raised my pace up to 5:00 mins/km.

I knew that we should finish the race at The Grand Sports Arena of the Luzhniki Olympic Complex but when my Wahoo Fitness app said me “Total workout distance is 10 kilometers” and the Stadium was far far away from that point I said “Watta hell is going on?!” but kept running with the same pace about 5:00-5:05 mins/km.

There was Adidas Energy Boost booth at the entrance to the Luzhniki Stadium with loud and very energetic music that kicked my butt so hard that my pace at the last 300m through the Stadium was less than 4:00.

That was really amazing to cross the finish line of my first 10K race at The Grand Sports Arena 15 years later I finished my track and field career and just a month after IAAF World Championship Moscow 2013 which was at the same place.

Here are my official digits from this race:

  • Chip time: 01:01:55 (which means that I completed 10K run within 53 mins cause accordingly to my GPS-track the real distance of this race was 11.7K)
  • Overall ranking: 1,080th of 2,413
  • Male ranking: 904th of 1,520

And here is one more photo from this race. Running 10K at Moscow Marathon Only one thing I have to say at the moment “That was just incredible”. And I definitely will be there on the next year and going to complete my first marathon.

C u at Moscow Marathon

As The Color Run finisher I received an e-mail with the invitation for a registration to Moscow Marathon and my first response was “Hell no!”

But yesterday evening I checked Moscow Marathon web-site and found out that there will be not just marathon (42km 195m) but a 10K race also. And I said “Why not? If that 5K failed to kill me why this 10K will?”

So today I’ve registered for the 10K race at Moscow Marathon.

My goals for this race are:

  • cross the finish line,
  • don’t get an injury,
  • have some fun.

I don’t care about the time so much. But it would be great to finish within 1 hour.

So if you guys love running as much as I do I encourage you to register for this race and I would be happy to crush it side-by-side with you ;)

My Color Run

Those of you who following my blog at least for the last 8 months or so know that one of my resolutions for this year is to finish 5K race. Also you probably know that I was registered for The Color Run which was yesterday 25th of August.

Despite the pretty cool weather (12 degrees Celsius) I went out to starting line and here you can see how undistracted I was during my warm-up before the start. Warm-up before The Color Run My goals for this race were:

  • complete 5K within 27 mins,
  • don’t get an injury,
  • have fun.

When I crossed the finish line I’ve seen 25:34 on my stopwatch and you can see how amazed (and colorful) I was about that on the picture bellow :)

After the finish line of The Color Run But this is not the end of story because accordingly to my GPS-tacker the actual length of the race was not 5K but 5.1K. It means that I crushed 5K for 24:54 with average pace of 4:59/km. Just insane!

You can ask me what’s my next goal for the next season.

Well… I have two actually :) First of all I’m going to drop my 5K time to 23:00 min. And the second (and more challenging) goal is to finish Half-Marathon (21.0975 km or 13.1094 miles).

At the same time I don’t want to go “all-in” to long distance running. I’m going to incorporate endurance training into my CrossFit workouts and let’s see what will happen.