You know, there’s a way to check if your fitness club is for true bodybuilders, or if it’s just for the office nerds right on its reception desk.

If the receptionist says «Have a nice workout!», then rest assured that your fitness club is for white-collar yuppies and not for true bodybuilding fans. This is because «nice workouts» won’t improve your physique. You can only do this by having really badass workouts every damn day. These are the workouts after which you can’t raise your arms (if that was an upper body day) or can’t go upstairs (for the lower body days).

Another stupid remark from the fitness club receptionist is «How was your workout?». The reason for this is because you can’t say whether your workout was good or bad on that same day. You can only reach that conclusion the following day. And if your target muscles (your chest, biceps, triceps, etc.) feels like crap the following day, then you know your workout was just awesome.

Have a badass workout!